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Automatic Mail Service Inc., President, Mike Waskover

Dear Marketer,

There are not that many businesses today that can claim they have given their clients 39 years of professional service. Automatic Mail Services can. More than thirty-years ago my father started this business dedicated to meeting direct marketing needs in the New York area. And since then, Automatic Mail Services has grown and thrived while many others have disappeared. I believe that our growth was no accident. It was, and still is, the result of our direct marketing expertise and a willingness to work with customers, one-by-one, to meet their needs.

Today, Automatic Mail Services is a state-of-the-art printing, mailing and database management service. But our customers know we're still the same service-orientated company we were at the beginning.

What's our secret? It's as simple as returning phone calls promptly, being accountable, and sharing our knowledge and expertise with our customers. The only difference is that now there are 33 years of experience standing behind our service giving our customers an added advantage.

Automatic Mail Services is big enough to do your job, yet small enough to provide you with the kind of personal attention you should expect from a service.

Call me today at (718) 361-3091, to learn how we can help you.

Mike Waskover
Automatic Mail Service, Inc.

Your 360° Direct Marketing Success

We drive sales! Since 1971, Automatic Mail has served its customers with A+ service. Ensuring your success, freeing you to focus on your business. Making your marketing efforts more effective and your direct dollars go further.

Automatic On-line System integrates your direct print marketing and lead generation with your Website, email marketing, and a master customer data management system. Increases response, ROI, your bottom line.

Keeping up with your clients’ needs is overwhelming. Managing your sales pipeline is a challenge.

Automatic Automated Marketing delivers sophisticated, easy-to-use marketing integration tools.

  • Improve ROI of direct mail
  • Track who is doing what with your print mail, emails, Website.
  • Accurately target print, broadcast, online messages.
  • Nurture leads and deliver the information they want.
  • Cross–sell & up–sell more effectively.
  • Manage your clients and your prospects easily, successfully.

Automatic Automated Marketing delivers sales ready leads plus the tools to manage them throughout the entire customer lifecycle.


Automatic Mailís Automated Marketing is a win-win proposition.

If more prospects in your sales funnel excites you, if getting closer to your customers is a company mission, contact us today at 516-603-8759 to learn about our new services to build your Direct Marketing success.

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