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Automated Responses Will Build Relationships and ROI

Okay, so you filled out a form online to ask for more information.

You check your inbox only to see yet another canned response acknowledging receipt and nothing else.

Boring! More importantly, it’s a lost opportunity to move the "get to know you" process forward.

An automatically generated email acknowledgement is one of the magic secrets of email marketing.

  • It immediately allows you to begin building a rapport, on a personal level, with that warm lead.
  • It is an opportunity to send that person to other areas of your Website for more information.
  • It provides additional credibility for you, your offering, and your company.
  • It is another step toward closing the sale.

Or, it can be a series of emails automatically triggered by a person’s registration.

The Marketing Rule of Seven says that people need to be touched by your message seven different times before they remember it and recognize you.

Think about your business and the wealth of knowledge you and your employees have built up over the years. Compile a list of related topics, turn it into an outline, and then, create a series of emails that go out on a regular basis sharing the benefit of your experience with your customers and prospects.

  • Build loyalty.
  • Get referrals from people who may not even be customers yet.
  • Build stronger brand familiarity.

At the same time, you get to learn more and more about what people really want. This enables you to be more responsive and relevant in what you offer. And, ultimately, results in greater revenues.

Don’t think you have to have everything written and designed before you can begin. You can start this kind of program with the first two or three emails done. And, keep it short and sweet. Everyone appreciates great pithy tips.

With the Automatic Mail solution, you can design inquiry forms with custom fields where every piece of data is captured. Set up series of emails that go out automatically. All you have to do is field all the new business requests and respond in a timely fashion!

Take your customers on a ride that help build brand awareness and credibility. Forward us the information you'd like to include in your email campaigns and direct mail pieces. Our packages can incorporate the design of your email campaign, printed newsletter or downloadable pdfs (to name a few), the delivery (email delivery or mailing and postage of your campaign) and tracking results and conversions (using custom landing pages and inquiry forms on your webiste). No matter if you choose a marketing strategy to email only, direct mail only or a combination of both, we help make sure results are covered.

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