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Automatic Case Studies and Customer Experiences

Success is measured in an increase in sales leads. At Automatic Mail, we're committed to your success. Here's how we've helped some our customers.

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Trade Show Follow-up

Advanced fulfillment services, direct mail marketing, and bulk mailing services

Situation: After announcing a new product release at a trade show, this major Fortune 500 technology manufacturer needed to quickly get the product DVD and literature into the hands of its customers.

Problem: Many companies struggle to effectively follow up after a trade show. This company wanted to put an end to those struggles. The regional office for our client had mailing lists from various data collection sources including names from existing customer databases, names collected at the trade show and a large accumulation of business cards from prospective customers---prospective customers that the sales team felt was vital to contact. If performed internally, merging the lists and performing overall mailing list hygiene would have taken several weeks, causing the company to miss the window of opportunity for quickly contacting people from the trade show.

Solution: Our client contacted Automatic Mail where our advanced fulfillment services, direct mail marketing services, and bulk mailing services performed bulk data entry, consolidated and cleaned mailing lists, and removed duplicates, assuring the highest possible quality. Plus, we created a personalized letter---a letter addressed to each recipient---and packaged it with the product DVD and literature then executed this highly targeted campaign.

Result: Our client was able to focus their efforts on sales lead follow up in the time frame that mattered most---when the announcement and product name was still fresh in the minds of their target audience. Equally important, we provided our client with a comprehensive and clean database of leads for telemarketing and any future direct mail advertising services that we would perform for them.

Reducing Costs for Publication Mailing

Bulk Mailing Services

Situation: This weekly publication was experiencing a substantial rise in postage costs for mailing their magazine.

Problem: Profit margins for magazine publishers are exceedingly tight. Every penny must be accounted for and cost must be controlled with great accuracy. When postage costs began to take a bigger bite out of the profits for this weekly publication, they turned to Automatic Mailís bulk mailing services team for assistance.

Solution: Automatic Mailís bulk mailing services team worked closely with this publication to improve mailing list management while our 4-color printing team worked with the publication designers to make small, virtually undetectable adjustments to the physical size so that postage costs could be dramatically reduced.

Result: An enormous cost savings and the implementation of a continued cost control process. Our client now uses Automatic Mail to process mailing lists, produce mailing labels, maximize postage savings and speed delivery. Our bulk mailing services team also pre-sorts the postal bags for the United States Postal Services, getting the publication into the mail stream faster---and delivered to the reader when they expect to see it.

Keeping In Touch with Clients

Direct mail advertising services, advanced fulfillment services, bulk mailing services.

Situation: A manufacturer of hearing aids and related equipment has a pressing demand to remain in front of their existing customers and target audience for new customers.

Problem: Our client has many different items that need to be distributed, mailed, packaged and tracked at many different times, for many different audiences. While part of their challenge was managing the timing and mailing lists, another part was increased costs for postage and, yet another part was their lack of warehouse space for storing all the materials for required for shipping and mailing.

Solution: The company hired Automatic Mail for our direct mail advertising services, advanced fulfillment services, bulk mailing services, full color brochure printing, and post card printing and mailing services. Our comprehensive integrated solutions, combined with our ability to maintain the cleanest mailing lists and the most cost-effective delivery schedules enables our client to meet demand at the right time. Today, we manage the storage, delivery and printing of everything from marketing collateral to their suppliers, hearing aid batteries, posters, post cards and more. Automatic Mail packages all materials to ensure reduced costs for postage or express delivery services such as UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Result: Our client is able to keep in touch with their target audience when they need to, at the speed they need to and at a reduced costs. Plus, our constant measurement makes sure that weíre always looking for ways to improve processes and reduce costs.

Is There a Doctor In the House?

Direct mail marketing, bulk mailing services, fax Internet broadcast

Situation: This world-renowned school of medicine needs to effectively target doctors and their specialties, all of which vary based on course syllabus, conferences and seminars.

Problem: People failed to respond to the previous direct mail campaigns. A sense of urgency needed to be created.

Solution: Our Automatic Mail direct mail marketing team crafted the messages that instilled a sense of urgency for each new event. Leveraging our extensive skills as a direct marketing company, we integrated solutions ranging from post card printing and mailing services, direct response marketing management, bulk email and even fax Internet broadcast in the hours leading up to the event. During each event, the school of medicine tapped our skills as a flyer printing company where we took the opportunity to promote upcoming events and get people to register on-the-spot. In effect, we "surrounded" the target audience with ever-evolving messages, letting them know that they couldn't afford to miss out!

Result: Increased attendance---to the point where, many times, the event needed to be repeated because of overwhelming demand! A comprehensive program from a direct marketing company like Automatic Mail that integrates all aspects of customer contact----and returns the results required by this school of medicine.

When to Aim, When to Fire

Internet business marketing & sales,direct mail marketing

Situation: This company experiences peaks and valleys in sales cycles. When is the best time to connect offline and online with prospective customers?

Problem: This company knows that is has a strong market---sales have risen consistently during the past several years. But to refine it's marketing and improve targeting for direct mail marketing, post card printing and mailing services, or a bulk email solution, it wanted to know when prospective customers would be most receptive to receiving their message.

Solution: Using Automatic's Market Intelligence solution, we refined target markets for this client not just based on what they sell, but also based on when prospective customers wanted to hear from them.

Result: The result for this company was more sales leads from more markets than ever before. Plus, because direct mail marketing and other techniques were highly focused, the quality of the sales leads increased substantially---along with revenues and sales and marketing productivity.

Promoting a Trade Show Promotion Company

4-color printing, the services of a flyer printing company and post card printing and mailing services.

Situation: Running 10-15 trade shows each year, this company required a cost-effective method for 4-color printing from a flyer printing company that got their message out while preserving their brand.

Problem: While each trade show was based on a similar topic, slight variations in theme and audience required slight variations for the printing of flyers and other promotional materials. Unfortunately, these variations caused a dramatic increase in printing costs.

Solution: Taking advantage of Automatic Mailís on-demand digital 4-color printing services and post card printing and mailing services, this trade show company is able to quickly, easily and cost-effectively print their flyers, enjoy superior, on-time, post card printing and dynamic full color brochure printing.

Result: Cost savings that allows the company to reinvest into its trade shows, making them even more attractive to a wider audience.

Web Search Engine Optimization Marketing (SEO) to Sales

Business Web design, Internet business marketing & sales.

Situation: A nationwide law firm had created a business Web design in an attempt to perform Web search engine optimization marketing.

Problem: Despite best efforts, the Web search engine optimization marketing performed by this law firm resulted in few sales. In fact, technicians had performed a superb job at business Web design, achieved high-rankings on Internet search engines and attracted more than 10,000 unique visitors each month. The problem was that their business Web design lacked the techniques needed for successful Internet business marketing & sales---the firm landed only 12 new clients each month.

Solution: Automatic's Internet business marketing & sales program, driven by Market Intelligence identified what prospective clients of the law firm were actually seeking and implemented a new business Web design that attracted sales leads from more places than ever before. Equally important, our Internet business marketing & sales program created the content that resonated with visitors ---prospective clients---and placed the entire sales process online.

Result: The Internet business marketing & sales program continues to increase the number of new clients for this firm on a monthly basis. Through consistent monthly measurement and Market Intelligence analysis, we adjust as needed when new opportunities arise---or existing opportunities diminish. Today, the average number of new clients booked by the firm has increased by nearly 400%!

Customized Delivery: Eight Way Match

Advanced fulfillment services, pick-pack-and-ship, personalized letters and an eight-way match.

Situation: A major giftware and incentive company must retain it's commitment to delivering orders when promised.

Problem: This company had difficulty keeping up with order fulfillment--- 600 new packages per day---when it received a tremendous leap in volume along with a great deal of complexity in the way gifts, awards, and letters needed to be personalized, packaged and shipped.

Solution: Automatic Mail stepped up to assist with our advanced fulfillment services. Our advanced fulfillment services team performed the eight-way match required for each package bringing together items such as a personalized letters to the recipient that varied based on location, type of award, length of service and role in the organization, their choice of a gift (plaque or certificate), pins, and catalogs.

Result: Through our advanced fulfillment services, the result was faster delivering, increase accuracy and tracking of all packages.

Knowing the (Postal) Rules

Bulk mailing services, Postal Savings, Printing

Situation: For a newspaper publisher, higher subscription rates result in higher advertising dollars.

Problem: This newspaper publisher was printing monthly subscription renewal notices from a proprietary publishing software product and using a dot-matrix printer. The quality of the print was poor plus manual procedures slowed the process down, preventing in-house resources from working on other projects. In addition, as the cost of postage rose, so did the cost for customer retention. The company needed a way to increase efficiency and revenue, keep subscribers and reduce costs.

Solution: Automatic's bulk mailing services team worked closely with the company's software experts to define the parameters needed to export subscriber information into a non-proprietary format. Once in the desired format, Automatic's bulk mailing services team was able to implement a program that automatically generates subscription notices and bills on a weekly basis, helping to improve the cash flow for the newspaper and freeing in-house resources. Additionally, Automatic revamped the printing process to use personalized laser printed messages that adjust between 1st, 2nd and 3rd notices helping to improve renewal rates. Equally important, Automatic's bulk mailing services team now prints renewal letters in zip code order using Zip+4 and barcodes, driving down the cost of postage.

Result: Automatic's bulk mailing services team now performs the subscription renewal mailing and billing for the entire publishing organization comprised of 16 weekly publications. Annual savings total more than $50,000 per year by mailing first class pre-sort.

Good Deeds for New York Municipality

Business Web design and Web Hosting.

Situation: To better serve residents, this New York municipality wanted to present land records online.

Problem: Paper records were filed away and, as time went by, it grew increasingly difficult to retrieve land records, titles and deeds. This New York municipality required a method to place records online in a secure manner and provide access to businesses and individuals while also enabling easy download of forms.

Solution: Automatic's team for business Web design created both the front- and back-end of the online system for this New York municipality. On the back-end, a secure database was created to store land records while front-end navigation provided simplified access.

Result: People seeking land records within this New York municipality can easily locate the information they desire---online---allowing clerks to focus on other projects. Plus, with Automatic's Web hosting service, access is secure and always available.

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