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6 Tips to Designing and Crafting Your Direct Mail Campaign

Building a direct mail campaign requires a lot more planning than we might think. Taking time to draft compelling messages and develop a creative design will result in a higher capture rates that go directly to your bottom line. Here are six direct mail design tips to help you put together an effective direct mail campaign.

1. Personalize your message
Personalized messages and letters create a stronger bond and deliver better response. You want to make people feel as if you are giving all of your time to just them, no matter how large your campaign might be. The more personal you can make your letter, the better your ROI will be.

2. Font
Believe it or not, font style has an impact on the readers. In some instances, fancy fonts with cursive (serif) can actually hurt response. Instead, implementing a simpler (sans serif) font can communicate a more personal and sincere touch. Choosing the right font is more than just a design issue.

3. Shouting
While you certainly want to get your message across, you do not want to seem as if you are shouting. Using more lower-case letters, smaller font and lettering, and fewer colors conveys confidence, dependability, professionalism. Designing a stand–out direct mail piece does not mean you have to shock the reader.

4. Human touch
You definitely want your campaign and direct mail piece to be exquisite, but you also want to give it as much of a human touch as possible. Show your company’s personality. Don’t be afraid to be creative while staying on message.

5. Long copy
Unlike what you may have heard, with direct mail you want to put in as much information as possible. You want to answer customers’ questions but still create an incentive to contact you and engage in a sales conversation. Armed with information, the more eager they will be to invest in what you have to offer. Some of the most successful campaigns of all time use the long copy approach.

6. Get to the point
While you do want to include as much information as possible, make sure you get to the point right away. Organize your direct mail design so that people get your message quickly and don’t abandon reading before they understand your offer.

There are so many elements to the design of a direct mail piece that are all important to the success of your direct mail campaign. Start with the tips listed in this article to help you spice up your direct mail marketing pieces and generate more customers.

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