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Direct Mail Services

We offer a wide selection of Direct Mail Services which include the following:

Designing and Crafting Your Campaign

There are a number of things you can do with your direct mail design to create an effective campaign. Take the tips listed in this article to help you spice up your post cards and generate more customers.
6 Tips to Designing and Crafting Your Direct Mail Campaign

Mailing List

If you can put together a strong direct mailing list, you can benefit greatly from it. Take the tips listed in this article into account so that you and your business and excel.
Need A Mailing List?

Postage and Delivery

Working with Automatic Mail as your direct mail marketing company can save you a great deal of money in regards to your postage and delivery. We will be able to help you find the appropriate class category for your mailings while taking advantage of the one that best suits your needs, desired costs, and timeframe.
We Know Postage and Delivery

Fulfillment Services

Serving you means delivering the goods, no matter what those are! Precise coordination, logistics management, accurate distribution and tracking are all critical components of our advanced fulfillment services, wholesale fulfillment services and Internet fulfillment services.
Advanced, Wholesale Fulfillment Services

Landing Web Page Design and Web Forms

Do you know what a landing page is? Are you putting yourself in your customer's shoes? Learn 7 tips for creating an effective landing page that will help you score higher conversion rates.
How Your Landing Page Measures Up


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