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Automatic Knows Better Than to Make These Stupid Email Design Mistakes

You invest good money to make sure your email gets delivered so donít let common email mistakes cost you business.

Iím No Elephant So Please Remind Me

Elephants may not forget but I get so many emails in a day I quite honestly may not remember that I signed up for your ezine newsletter. Iím thinking Iím not alone in this. When you youíre your clients, do you start talking about your special offers to buy this and that? No. You introduce yourself and speak of the last time you had contact. Itís the same in email. Remind your subscribers how they got on your list.


You shouldnít do it in your day-to-day emailing so, same hold true for your online newsletter. Please donít use ALL CAPS. It is many peopleís pet peeves. And itís really hard to read, too.

The 1990s Brought Us Grunge But Thatís Not All

The first World Wide Web browser was invented then. If you want the least amount of headaches, you should go old school and scrap all the latest greatest in tabless CSS designs. Keep it simple with HTML and trusty tables which will render more consistently around for your subscribersí inbox.

Can I Have a Side of Text with That?

When you use Automaticís email marketing solution, you will give HTML and plain jane text-only versions of your email. Why is that important? Spam filters may be triggered if all you have are graphics in your email. A trend for spammers is to include one big graphic that hides all their spammy keywords so don't use one graphic or your email may be marked as spam. Thereís a growing number of email programs with ďturn images offĒ as a default setting. The recipient has to choose to ďturn images on.Ē Assume that images are turned off and take these steps:

1. Include alt-text for images
2. Use headlines and important content as text (the less important content on the images)

Donít Hit That Send Button Before Testing

It only takes a few minutes to create email accounts at:

( Yahoo Mail ) yourcompany.test@yahoo.com
( Gmail by Google ) yourcompany.test@gmail.com
( AOL Mail ) yourcompany.test@aol.com
( MSN Windows Live ) yourcompany.test@hotmail.com or yourcompany.test@msn.com

Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Mac Mail and moreÖ

Donít you want to make sure your subscribers receive the message you intend? Test your email on everything you can. Every email client renders HTML (and CSS sparingly) differently so if your satisfied with the subtle differences you see, then schedule to send your email away to subscribers.

Forget Bells and Whistles

It's tempting to try and impress your subscribers with fancy-schmancy Flash animations, Audio and Videos but they're all probably running anti-virus programs, too which will check your email and prevent all that work from being seen. Instead, keep those things on a special landing page of your website.

Abide by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

You must offer a way for subscribers to Unsubscribe. I know you are tempted to hide this option because you think, "If I remind them they can unsubscribe, they just might." Well, it's the law folks. Don't forget your unsubscribe link and to share your physical address. So let's focus on solutions to keep your subscribers happy:

1. Offer great content that converts readers to buyers or fans
2. Don't email too often (make us miss you alittle but don't lose touch)
3. Become a trusted authority on a subject. Ask questions. Make it a two-way discussion.
4. Listen to problems. Help people without having an ulterior motive.

We've given you a few things to think about (just a glimpse). Thinking of running an email campaign and want a more thorough understanding of Email Best Practices, speak to us.

We're good but don't take our word for it. Read what our Customers have said about us. Ready for Email Marketing services ? Then, contact us where we can help you polish your creative, obtain or create your artwork, discuss your paper and ink preferences, and get your short run delivered with a fast turnaround.

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