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Understand How Automatic Will Save You From Fatal SEO Mistakes

We understand you're pressed for time and money. You understand SEO is an important step in your online marketing strategy and we want to tell you... we won't waste your investment.

Here's our SEO Do and Don't List :

  • DO target relevant, specific (not general) keywords without comprimising the tone and message you want to communicate to your web visitors.
  • DON'T put hidden text on the footer of your web pages (disguised in a color matching that of your web page background) stuffed with keywords. We don't promote spam!
  • DO create relevant page titles for your web pages instead of the same title for every page. Having a unique title relevant to the page's content also helps your visitor know where they are on your site while avoiding duplicate content issues which search engines can penalize your site for. Your page titles should be written for 60 characters or less that includes 1-2 keywords while referencing the content on the page.

    Here's an example. Now you tell us, which looks relevant and which looks spammy?

    <title>Learning from Common SEO Mistakes by Automatic-Mail.com</title>
    (Good: 55 characters including spaces)
    <title>Common SEO Mistakes and Search Engine Optimization Tips</title>
    (Good: 55 characters including spaces)
    It's better to rephrase the same word but not to overfill. By contrast, you've probably seen many websites use page titles that look like this:
    <title>SEO, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Tips, SEO Mistakes by Automatic-Mail.com</title>
    (Bad: 77 characters including spaces)
    Yes, it's very tempting to stuff a large number of keywords on page titles but did you know it can cause search engines to penalize your site and give you lower rankings?
  • DON'T ignore your web site's usability. We will properly structure your site with logical navigation so visitors can go forwards and backwards to find what they need on your site while using descriptive link text (good for users and search engine spiders).

    The problem with "Read more ", "Continue to article" or "Learn more" as linking text is that using those phrases are perfect if you wanted to be ranked high for those keyword phrases. Also, think about how you scan content on a page. Your eyes peruse the headlines and text links. If all your links on a page said "Click here" (eventhough that's a great call-to-action), your visitors can't differentiate one "Click here" with another "Click here" link without thoroughly reading through your web copy.

    In the example below, can you see why a much more descriptive link makes more sense and hints to search engines your page is important for a specific topic? Which sticks out the best for you?

    (Thumbs Up!) Learn more about the Most Common SEO Mistakes
    (Thumbs Down) Learn more about the Most Common SEO Mistakes
  • DO design the web page with focused content (sprinkling keyword phrases, when relevant) so visitors know where they are, easily digest the information being presented and help them click around your site to learn more.
  • DON'T just stroke your ego. We will design and help you write content using words your target audience would type into search engines.
  • DO optimize graphic images to include a description of the image for search engines to spider using the ALT attribute.
  • DON'T ignore content hierarchy of header tags (<h1>, <h2>, etc.) which establish a website's important topics.

We're good but don't take our word for it. Read what our Customers have said about us. Have you read up just enough information about SEO and are ready for Search Engine Optimization services? Then, contact us to discuss your situation and goals.

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