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What Makes Automatic’s Web Design Solutions Different?

Good Design is Good Business
We think you care about your branding and believe all successful websites in their simplest form:
1. Are easy to navigate forwards and backwards
2. Have clear benefits on how your product / service(s) could be the solution to your customers’ problem
3. Will your website be found?
4. Will you close more sales?
5. Will you be able to track? Cross sell up sell?
Begin by Asking the Right Questions
We believe asking the right questions reveal the right answers and therefore the right results. We don't think we should waste your time asking lousy questions that can take focus away from your website goals. For a sneak peak of our design process, here are three questions we'll initially ask you:
Question #1. You're not buying a website; you're buying a solution.

How will your company benefit from having a website? Once your website is launched what will you take-away? Will you have confidence to network now that you have a website to point prospects to? Do you want to add value or satisfy your own customers? Do you want to improve your credibility? Will your website be a way to promote a two-way communication with your customers? Do you want to invest in more online advertising to increase your revenue streams versus the higher costs of print advertsing?
Question #2. What questions do you have about creating your website?
Have you ever worked with a web design company before? Do you have any reasons to feel uncomfortable with investing in Automatic's professional web design service? You may have a few web design questions? We may not have the solution you seek, but at least we'll listen and point you in the right direction whether or not we make a good match for your web design project. So, Speak up! We're listening.
Question #3. We've heard people experience bad service
We hate hearing that our clients have had bad web design experiences. People have said, "I have been extremely disappointed with every designer I have hired. They either don't "get it" graphically, or screw up the programming, or take too long." We happen to think the whole point in business is to build long-term relationships. Automatic wants to know, "How can we impress you?"
Designing Web Pages Can Be Complicated. We Make It Simple.
It does take a team to create successful websites. The best web sites designed require design savvy, programming expertise, online copywriting know-how, and marketing knowledge. You will be working with problem-solvers who communicate effectively throughout your web site design project and are willing to hold your hand providing recommendations and explaining the purpose of any recommended solutions.

We're good but don't take our word for it. Read what our Customers have said about us. Ready for Web Design, Development and Web Hosting services? Then, contact us to discuss your vision for your website.

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